Make photos of those treasured moments as good as you remember them. Most photos have the ability to be enhanced by adjustments to colour, tonal range, cropping, straightening, blur reduction, sharpening, and removing distracting elements. With the latest available software, images can be increased dramatically in size without losing detail, sharpened to reduce softness created by movement or focus issues and noise removed to restore a truer rendition of what you saw when the photo was taken. Click here to send your photos to me. I will work on them and provide you with a link to preview your images. If you are happy with the results you can pay for them and download them. Checkout the ABOUT- FAQ page for more details.
1. Photo Restoration1.a Original Transparency1.b Remove scratches & mildew1.c Sky Replacement1.d Resolution increased for wall print2. Tonal, colour and sharpness adjustments