Where do you normally shoot?

  • I normally shoot between Narrabeen and Palm Beach on Sydney's Northern Beaches but am available to shoot at other locations upon request. I am available to shoot stills, motion blur, sequences and video. All shots are taken from the beach.

How do I know if you have photos of me or someone I know?

  • The best way is to follow Your.Surf on Instagram. Every time I shoot, I put up a quick video clip showing every surfer that I have taken photos of during the session. If you see someone you know, visit the Latest Images tab on the website to locate the session and visit the gallery of all images taken on the day to see all the shots.
  • If you are looking for older images, you can select the beach that you normally surf at from the Your Surf Galleries tab. Sit back and make yourself comfortable because there are a lot of images in the collection but often people are rewarded by coming across some gems that they didn't realise were there.
  • If you see me shooting at your break, there is a good chance that I have shots of you. I try and get shots of everyone who catches a wave, no matter what they are riding or their level of experience. I always shoot with the Your Surf banner displayed on my tripod when I am taking surf shots. If someone has booked me for the session, I make sure I never miss a shot of them and I only shoot other surfers if they are in my line of sight and it doesn't risk me missing a shot of the person who has booked me.

I never seem to be surfing when you are taking shots. How do I get photos of me surfing?

  • The best way to make sure that you get shots of your surf is to book online.
  • The cheapest way is to book a Please Shoot At My Beach session.
  • The best value option is to book a Your Surf Photo Shoot. The price includes all the full resolution digital downloads and video taken of your surf. You will be given a link to your private gallery, so only you see all the shots and download the images.

How long does it take to receive my order?

  • When you order digital photo downloads, you will be immediately emailed a link to download your images.
  • When you order prints, the order will be held waiting for approval. This enables me to make any final adjustments to the print file to ensure that you will achieve the best result. Using a colour profiled monitor together with the profile of the print provider, I ensure that the file will print well. At times I may remove elements that distract from your photo, e.g. cloning out other surfers, parts of surfers at the edge of the frame etc When I have prepared the print file, your order will be approved and sent to the print provider, this normally happens within 12 hrs of you placing your order. Typical delivery is 1-2 weeks from order approval.
  • When your order video clips, I will prepare the files and place them in a shared drive online. You will be provided with a link to download them, typically same day.

Can you work on the photos that I already have, to make them look their best?

  • Yes, just email me your photo/s to [email protected] with any special requests and I will retouch them for you.
  • I will then upload them to a gallery for you to review and if you like the result, you then pay for the retouching and download them. No risk retouching - you only pay if you like the result.
  • Simple retouching including, straightening, cropping, colour correction, noise reduction and minor cloning work start at $5/image. More extensive work will be priced accordingly, including scanning and graphic design services. 
  • The best results will be obtained using original RAW files if available. Otherwise, supply your best original file.
  • It may not be possible to achieve the results you are after. No problem, I will let you know and there will be no charge.